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5 Things You Need to Know About Food Deserts

May 3, What Did The Study Find? Food producer GrowUp opened a miniature vertical farm in a disused shipping container in , in a bid to make food more local and sustainable. Situated on a roof in Hackney, they grew salad and herbs using a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics. Inside the container were tanks of fish, whose poo made nutrient-rich water to feed the plants.

Inner-City Diet "Book Preview"

We wanted to make use of available waste resources in cities, in terms of heat and energy. They acknowledge the future of urban farming will be challenging though. Rivers and harbours provide another opportunity. A floating dairy farm has opened in Rotterdam harbour, with the aim of helping to feed the city more sustainably. The 32 cows are able to wander onto a neighbouring field and the stability of the farm is designed to ensure they don't get seasick.

It generates all its own electricity from floating solar panels and provides fresh water through a rainwater collection and purification system. The cows are fed with grass from playing fields and golf courses in the city, along with waste food such as potato scraps, bran and brewers' grains. Their manure is used to create a natural fertiliser. It could be some time before you're stocking your cupboards with food grown within walking distance of your city home, but the technology is developing fast. You can even buy a kit to grow food hydroponically in your own home, and the plants grow about 30 percent faster than they do in soil.

The greening of rooftops, walls and even the insides of our homes is gathering pace. A desire to utilise previously underused spaces, combined with developments in technology, mean even those of us with no garden can grow our own veg in new ways. Plus the increased greenery attracts more wildlife and can reduce rainfall run-off. By planting vertically in two layers, they created extra growing space. Plants on the top layer grew in soil, but the bottom layer was fed hydroponically, with only water and minerals, and mushrooms grew in soil created by a 3D printer.

Rooftop vegetable gardens are increasingly productive. The RHS gives advice on the restrictions on what type of rooves can be planted. We liked the Beat and Burn beet, red apple, lime and ginger , said to enhance muscle strength, as well as the Almond Latte raw almond, dates, cinnamon and vanilla beans , which they say can give you flawless skin. For full effects, try the Balance program: six ml bottles for B1, excluding delivery.

What Can You Do?

Replace your morning breakfast with two bottles of juice for three days. Instagram: dailycoldpressed.

Healthy Food Choice in the Inner City | LDI

The one-day trial of this liquid diet costs B1, and includes six ml bottles, to be drunk at two-hour intervals. They also sell individual drinks in seven different flavors for B ml. Try the Ironman spinach, celery, cucumber, pineapple and apple , Detoxifier carrot, apple, pineapple and ginger and Master Cleanse lemon, cayenne, maple syrup and alkaline water.

Try these healthy light bites and organic produce delivery services. Six cups for B; 12 cups B Instagram: diamondgrains. Seasonal organic produce delivered to your home from a cross-country network of farmers. The Original Munching Box includes 4kg of seasonal organic fruits and veggies at B per box or B2, for four boxes. Shipping from B New flavors include strawberry and latte.

Delivery charge starts at B Instagram: innocentcow. Instead, learn what foods are good for your body and add them to your daily life for a sustained diet. Latest News. Meet the Bangkokians taking a stand against disposable culture Waste busters. Meet the preteen activists fighting for a greener Bangkok They're adorable. But they also hate plastic waste.

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MRT Wat Mangkon makes Chinatown more accessible than ever This neighborhood is jam-packed wtih bustling markets, grunge-chic shophouses and great food. View all news. Leave a Comment.