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He gave a magnificently beautiful speech to the "heroic Finns.

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Pilot veterans visit their virtual counterparts in the Urban Blitz The Virtual Pilots Association arranged their annual meeting in Tampere on Members of the local war pilot association, the Pilven Veikot, were invited to enjoy the catering by the young generation and to see what simulated aviation is all about. The veterans also gave small speeches and lectures.

He calls out to the Finns on guard not to shoot, he's a Finnish pilot. He calls it three times, before he's taken into custody and interviewed.

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Remembering Kullervo Lahtela Kullervo Lahtela is one of the great but less known names of Finnish military aviation. Lahtela was a successful trainer and he prepared for war a number of young, enthusiastic, and above all highly qualified combat pilots, who performed with excellence in aerial battle. Jaakko Hillo, squadron mate in 32 and adjutant Jarl Arnkil, squadron mate in 32 and after the war Hemmo Leino - from wilderness squadron to Messerschmitts Hemmo Leino, who flew in the Squadrons 30, 14 and 34, tells in this interview about his experiences flying for example the Fokker D.

They approached from the north and made me turn at them. They engaged me, being a little above.

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I was coming from south and my red light was on indicating low fuel. As they slipped behind my back I had to start climbing.

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Karhila was interviewed in the Finnish Aviation Museum, both systematically and in a more free environment. The professional pilot, who has flown 50 years of his life, had many things to say from various matters. Our air surveillance could report only buzzing. The Pe-2 was such a fast plane that the CU could not catch it in level flight. Our tactic was to send a couple of CU's to a high altitude as buzzing was observed over the Ladoga, and the pilots waited for the recce Pe With luck, a CU attacking from above could catch up with a Pe-2 thanks to diving speed and had a chance to shoot at him twice.

Antti Tani and Mr. Jouko "Jussi" Huotari in Kouvola on the 10th July In this article the two veteran pilots speak about their planes, Morane Saulnier , Brewster B and Messerschmitt , answer to questions and tell about their years in the air. The Brewster arrived first, then the Fiat, the Curtiss, the Morane.

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We were watching as they arrived with brief intervals. I was watching and thought, "must I fly such a bad plane? Three pilots in OverDose TV show MoonTV's OverDose games show arranged session about flight simulators and online flying, where also three renonwned and highly respected pilots were invited. Unfortunately the OverDose staff lost the source tapes for the full interview but we still have what was presented in the Finnish television. Thats where the skirmish started, the enemy formed what they call a Spanish circle, trying to protect each other.

Nurminen's planes were a little higher, they started pecking at the enemy immediately. It took something like 20 minutes when we shot down 23 enemy planes. Aerial Recon Behind Enemy Lines The Air Force reconnaissance planes, including the plane flown by the one Armas Eskola featured in this article, crossed the eastern border even before the Winter War photographing the Soviet bases and Leningrad.

During the War Aimo E. Juhola gained reputation as capable recon pilot, who photographed Leningrad as well as the Soviet spearheads in the summer battles of This article tells about two less known operations by the reconnaissance pilots. According to the General, the time of secrets was over. Pilvenveikot 25 years Twelve war pilots signed in September the founding document of the association for the military pilots of the wars The purpose of the Pilvenveikot association is to unite the war pilots and to cherish the heritage of a Finnish pilot.

The association has fulfilled this task credibly already for 25 years. The association of the war pilots turned 25 years old in autumm The German Pilvenveikot member Frans-Josef Schoppe noted: "It is a rather wonderful feeling and in the same time a great honour, as the former leader of the Kuhlmey's dive-bomber squadron which was in the decisive battles of the Carelian Isthmus in the year , to stand here together with - one of the best - of my squadron fellows and see in front of me those brothers in arms to whom I have irrevocably attached since that summer.

Memoirs of a reserve military aviator during years Joel Savonen joined the Finnish Air Force reserve officer training on 6. Lehtinen goes back to the war years filled with bombing and reconnaissance flights in interview conducted at Lappland Air Command Guild's annual meeting. To Tali-Ihantala, as many flights as we could. At the Teikari battle, we bombed the gun emplacements at Uuras. The entire regiment worked like one fist. More planes were bought during the next years.

The plane formed the backbone of Finnish Aviation Forces for several years.


This article depicts the story of the Breguets in the Finnish use. Snellman with his mechanic Sergeant Major G. Lihr started the first flight to Petsamo. A flying altitude of m was used. This article features the published part of the interview translated into English. During the war years he flew in the legendary Fighter Squadron He managed to try also the Fouga and considered it to be easy to fly.

Finnish Military Aircraft Markings Catalogue of Finnish military aircraft markings between All plane types and the serial numbers assigned to each type. In the early years several different military aircraft marking systems were used in Finland. The first aircraft of the Aviation Forces were given inventory numbers F. After F.

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The first official system was introduced on 20 June He was first trained as aircraft mechanic, and transferred later to flight training finding finally himself from Bomber Squadron 42 as a Blenheim pilot. I guess others did the same, there is a story about the Swedes calling on radio, "You're over Swedish territory. It attracted large number of veterans and also two members of our hobbyist community had been invited. A silent photographic salute is available here. Front Matter Pages i-viii.

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Pages Knots of Desire: Female Homoeroticism in Orlando furioso Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction Queer Italia gathers essays on Italian literature and film, medieval to modern. The volume's chronological organization reflects its intention to define a queer tradition in Italian culture. While fully cognizant of the theoretical risks inherent in trans-historicizing sexuality, the contributors to this volume share an interest in probing the multi-form dynamics of sexual desires in Italian texts through the centuries. The volume aims not to promote the mistaken notion of a single homosexuality through history.