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Book of Common Prayer

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New Titles. Cranmer's new prayer book was based on the Sarum Use, but was influenced by German Lutheran services. The eight daily observances of medieval tradition were blended into mattins and evensong.

A How to/Walk-through of the Anglican Evening Daily Office: Book of Common Prayer

Much was retained from the Roman Catholic mass, though how much, exactly, was then and still is a matter of dispute and historians have disagreed ever since over just how Protestant the book was or even if it was Protestant at all. The disagreement is testimony to the book's qualities as an attempt at compromise between the Catholic and Protestant positions.

Inevitably, both sides disliked it. The abolition of Latin upset conventional English people, and there was too much compromise for the tougher Protestants, especially as the country's staunchest conservative, Bishop Stephen Gardiner of Winchester, announced from his confinement in the Tower of London that the new rites were Catholic enough to be tolerated.

The Book of Common Prayer: a Timeline

This was a red rag to the Protestant bull. Cranmer produced a new and more radical Protestant prayer book in , whose subsequent vicissitudes echoed the conflicting tides of opinion within the Church of England. It was revised in a more Catholic spirit in , to be succeeded eventually by the Anglican prayer book, more Catholic still and the familiar one which has lasted down into this century. Cummings explains the significance of the book for everyday life and the history of the English language and its literature, and includes a comprehensive set of notes and complete technical glossary.

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Sample Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. Brian Cummings volume is a unique edition of the Book of Common Prayer that brings together the texts of three different versions—, , and —to provide a panorama of the history of ritual in England from the Reformation to the twentieth century.

This is the first edition for the common reader, regardless of religious background, providing full notes and a comprehensive glossary of vocabulary and technical terms.