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Lancaster County, PA. The name conjures up patchwork fields, Amish buggies, cows grazing on hillsides, and wind power. Step back in time with me to a calmer pace of life.

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But despite this, horses can be found at hardware stores, grocery stores, and especially parking lots. However, she becomes especially touched by one small boy and his widower dad. While researching Amish special needs schools, I became fascinated with their teaching methods and curriculum. One program even made its way into the pages of my book. While we were being shown around the Community Care Center by an enthusiastic young man in a wheelchair, I fell in love with their MSE multi-sensory environment —a room with dark walls and one small string of Christmas lights near the ceiling—where children are cocooned in silence with headphones and weighted blankets.

The store is in the brick building to the right. I have memories of strolling the aisles to browse the choices of herbs and natural remedies.

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But when they need to care for a baby who requires special attention, the pair must learn to compromise. Leah knows a lot about genetic diseases found only in the Amish population—maple syrup urine disease, chicken breast disease, and others Kyle has never seen. To learn about these life-threatening illnesses, you can take a trip to the Clinic for Special Children in Strasburg, Lancaster County. The clinic offers wonderful tours that showcase their genetic research.

The white farmhouse on the left is where I imagined Grace lived. Many Amish families also sell canned goods at roadside stands like this. But her neighbor, Eli, worries Grace is neglecting her children, especially after her three-year-old son almost drowns. Will she, too, find love in Lancaster County—a place where dreams come true?

Leaving her family behind, she travels to Meadow Lark to become their new teacher. She refuses to hear her heart where Timothy is concerned, and she rejects his love for her. But is teaching truly enough to fulfill her forever? Is she willing to give it up to find love? Or is she too late?

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How long must she wait for his affection? Despairing, s he agrees to be courted by Obadiah Westman. How can life ever be good again? A chance meeting with a handsome Englischer gives her the opportunity to open a Bed and Breakfast. Plunging ahead, Naomi meets resistance from Zachariah King , the young Amish farmer who leases her land. Soon, Naomi finds herself in the midst of conflicting emotions and confusion. Is Zachariah interested in her?

Is that why he keeps coming around? And is the handsome Englischer wanting more than room and board? Are the two men now in competition? The widow Naomi Byler struggles to forget the handsome Englischer who stayed at her Bed and Breakfast. With time, his effect on her fades, and life resumes.

But when the Englischer suddenly returns with a gift, disruption reigns. Naomi is thrown into a tailspin, and Zach is at first angry then grows distant. Is Naomi about to lose her hard-won peace? The Englischer is gone. For good, this time. While Naomi mourns his leaving , she hopes that Zach King will now take a stand and declare his feelings for her. But Zach remains painfully quiet. Not wanting to leave her Bed and Breakfast, her friends, or Zach, she makes one final last-ditch effort.

But will it have any effect at all? But lurking beneath, she harbors deep sorrow. Wondering if things will ever change, she fights against feelings of anger toward God. Sa rah thought marriage would solve her problem, but it only makes things worse. She is stunned to find herself yearning for home.

Her Amish home. But certain things in life that cannot be reversed. Has Sarah trapped herself? But when Sarah reveals that she secretly married an Englisch boy, Annie fears the worst. Annie struggles to take care of her sister, through a harrowing late-night scare, an unwelcome visitor, and a shocking revelation of her own. Join Annie in this concluding story of love, redemption, and yearning. Immediately, he becomes engaged to another girl.

Love Still Stands by Kelly Irvin

Hiding out, she encounters a stranger. When Sadie discovers the real reason for her broken relationship with Ezra, her eyes are opened. Was Joshua sent to help heal her broken heart? During rumspringa , Marian Yoder befriends an Englisch girl—never dreaming it will lead her to the Internet and a blog of her own. Nor could she imagine her blog would catch the eye of the handsome Englisch guy, Roger Young.

Marian finds herself getting sucked further and further into their exciting world. Can she reject her newly found freedom and dear new friends? Or is fear for her mother and the interest of Thomas enough to pull her back to the fold?

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Find out today in The Amish Blogger! But when her mother is admitted to a sanitarium, Marian is forced to become mother to her baby sister. Struggling against feelings of resentment and entrapment, Marian clings to her God. When she learns her mother has run away, her faith is tested to the near breaking point.

Can her mother be found and brought home safely?

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  5. Will there ever be a way for Marian to marry Thomas? H ow do you forgive someone who treats you so badly? Marian marries her sweetheart and dreams of a loving future with her new family. But reality steps in quickly to destroy her vision. But Marian perseveres, striving to be worthy of her role as wife. But she continues to rally, ever determined to earn her place. When tragedy strikes, the whole family is plunged into fear and turmoil. Marian has the chance to save the day, but will it do any good?

    Secret meetings behind closed doors. Furtive looks. Strange, unexplained behavior. What is John Beiler involved in? Josie is desperate to find out, but her beau remains stubbornly silent. Does it have anything to do with Amanda Crabill and her son? And why are they always sneaking around the schoolhouse where John teaches? This latest Hollybrook Amish Romance short story takes the reader into a mysterious promise and frantic retaliation. Find out today in A Desperate Act!

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    Grief-stricken, widower John Beiler feels desperate to escape the memories of his past. He accepts the position of schoolteacher in Hollybrook, never expecting to encounter someone like the spunky Josie Bontrager. But when he puts Josie in charge of caring for his infant daughter, he finds himself pulled under her spell. But how can he risk loving again?

    And how can he betray the love for his first wife by falling for another?

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    Who is this stranger? And does he have the legal right to take her away as he claims? Sally knows her Amish relatives will never fight a legal battle over her. How can she convince the stranger to let her go? And how will she ever get back to Zeke? Amish short story romance.

    Only 99 cents! Grab your copy now! She grabs a bike and rushes after him, only to be caught in a freak ice storm. Josiah—whom Mary secretly loves—rescues her in his buggy and together they go after Jack. As the storm worsens, they are forced to take refuge in a deserted barn. Caught in a cocoon of cold and desperation, will Mary admit her feelings for Josiah? And even if they do find Jack, can he ever be happy in their Amish community? Find out in Amish Days: The Runaway! But after visiting her runaway brother , she realizes the futility of the idea. Her brother needs her. But leaving the Amish would also mean leaving Zeke.

    Can she ignore her feelings for Zeke and turn her back on her dreams? What would her deceased mother tell her to do? Special Price!!! Do you love sweet romance? The future stretches before her as a beautiful promise—until disaster strikes. Mysterious family members force Hope to leave her cherished community and her true love. Can things possibly work out? Will God hear her prayers? Will Abram be all right? Hope is thrilled to finally be returning home. On top of Abram's refusal, Hope struggles to help her hurting cousins adjust to their new life with the Amish.

    Will Abram change his mind? Will Hope's dream of being Abram's bride dissolve into nothing? Following her mother's death, Tiffany's missing father reappears intending to take control of both her and her brother.