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Instead, the stories come from then-teenage or early 20s rockers who were forced into basements to practice their instruments with no electricity as well as the military personnel who made the concert possible.

Scream for Me Sarajevo

Not only is it an absolute must watch for Iron Maiden and heavy metal fans, but for anyone that may have lost their own faith in the human race. The images of battle are hard to stomach, but the extraordinary courage of those caught up in the violence to risk their lives for music is truly inspirational. Inspirational anecdotes from those who were caught up in the atrocities Utterly absorbing story The bittersweet reunions 21 years later will leave tears in your eyes.

A moving and uplifting example of the sheer power of music, Scream For Me Sarajevo will restore your faith in humanity while you despair at the depths it can sink to.

Radovan Karadzic - From poet to war criminal

Every single person involved in the making of this incredible record of our recent history should be very proud of themselves and each other. From the Band, the Crew, the organisers and most importantly the audience they must all be feeling very very proud. Without this film a lot would never be known.

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Editorials Interviews Lists. Scream For Me Sarajevo. Release Date 17th April Synopsis In Sarajevo was a city under siege.

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Director Tarik Hodzic. Certificate Runtime 95 mins. Without that pressure on him though, it allowed him to experiment a bit and do things a little differently and you can really see how differently he approached each album through the tracks featured on this collection. This is the only track like that on the album, and it sits nicely in the middle of the record, a nice little reminder of his other work, without it overshadowing the quieter, more personal material on the album.

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  • The album ends with a couple of new and rare tracks. A suitably epic song to end the album. Different, and all the better for it. Come and join us. A story about musicians who risked their lives to perform for people who risked their lives to live them. A triple winner at the Sarajevo Film Festival.

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    Right in the middle of a raging war, Bruce and his then solo band drove through the frontlines and gave a legendary concert in the Bosnian Culture Centre on December 14, After days, or